A Rumi Poem. Translation by William C. Chittick

God said, Oh Moses, what is that in thy hand?
He replied, That is my staff for the road.
He said, Cast it down and see the
marvels of heaven!

Al-Qarawiyyin: A mosque at one of the oldest universities in the world - Fes, Morocco. Picture by Rukhsana Hossain, Jan-2011.

He threw it down and it became a serpent;
when he saw the serpent he fled.
God said, Take it and I will make it your staff
once more.

I will make your enemy your assistant, your
adversary your support.
Then you will know that faithful and gentle
friends derive only from My Bounty.

When We give pain to your hands and feet,
they become serpents in your eyes.
Oh hand, seize naught but Us! Oh foot, seek
naught but the Goal!


Flee not from the suffering We inflict, for
wherever you find suffering, there also you find
a way to the remedy.

Maulana Rumi

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