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Listening to the soundless voice

External form has no alternative but to express inner beauty. At first sight, the world may appear to collapse when “perspective” collapses, a frightening experience with fascinating results. If truth be told, it is often most wise to stay clear of one’s own mind’s machinations. A sincere seeker’s movement is a right move to the […]

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When will this killing stop?

A voice speaks to Zulnoon Zulnoon said: “I was in the desert once. Trusting in God, I’d brought no sustenance – I came on forty men ahead of me, Dressed all in rags, a closed community. My heart was moved. ‘O God,’ I cried, ‘take heed, What wretched lives you make your pilgrims lead!’ ‘We […]

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A Hafiz Poem

You have not danced so badly my dear, Trying to hold hands with the beautiful one You have waltzed with great style, my sweet, crushed angel, To have ever neared God’s heart at all. Our partner is notoriously difficult to follow, And even his best musicians are not always easy to hear, So what if […]


CRADLE MY HEART By Jalaluddin Rumi


Iman Maleki Painting


Last night,
I was lying on the rooftop,
thinking of you.
I saw a special Star,
and summoned her to take you a message.
I prostrated myself to the Star
and asked her to take my prostration
to that Sun of Tabriz.
So that with his light, he can turn
my dark stones into gold.
I opened my chest and showed her my scars,
I told her to bring me news
of my bloodthirsty Lover.
As I waited,
I paced back and forth,
until the child of my heart became quiet.
The child slept, as if I were rocking his cradle.
Oh Beloved, give milk to the infant of the heart,
and don’t hold us from our turning.
You have cared for hundreds,
don’t let it stop with me now.
At the end, the town of unity is the place for the heart.
Why do you keep this bewildered heart
in the town of dissolution?
I have gone speechless, but to rid myself
of this dry mood,
oh Saaqhi, pass the narcissus of the wine.

Hush Don’t Say Anything to God:
Passionate Poems of Rumi
Translated by Shahram Shiva


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