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Ceaseless Passion

Violent thundering storms cut through my soul Carving into the bone of reason, setting it free Shattering illusions of darkness, casting light inside light Felt with vibrating collisions of warmth and chill in all senses My heart joins you Like rivers join ocean waves Like clouds of salt thrown wild in the heat of summer … Continue reading

When will this killing stop?

A voice speaks to Zulnoon Zulnoon said: “I was in the desert once. Trusting in God, I’d brought no sustenance – I came on forty men ahead of me, Dressed all in rags, a closed community. My heart was moved. ‘O God,’ I cried, ‘take heed, What wretched lives you make your pilgrims lead!’ ‘We … Continue reading

Fuzuli: Poem on Layla and Majnun

Majnun the King of the Land of Desire. Unique in all ages and beauty is Layla, For Majnun the poets still pluck at the lyre. The sapling of Sorrow’s green Meadow is Layla, Majnun ever faithful her love to inspire. The Moon in the sky ruling heaven is Layla, Majnun but the sport of the … Continue reading