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The contemplative mind

Being able to search for truth requires great deal of endurance and being able to tell the truth requires great deal of courage. Seeking and finding truth is like building and having a spiritual home. It is not an isolated existence at all, to the contrary, it is an existence in fullness with depth. It … Continue reading

Dies, o mein Geliebter, ist meine Dichtkunst

–  diese Verse sind dem Geliebten gewidmet – Oh kleines Menschen-ich Hast du Mich erblickt? Im Himmelsdom der Leidenschaft Im Großen Meer der Liebeskraft Tief im Herzen des Geliebten* Oh Nachtigallen, was wären Rosen ohne eure süßen Lieder? So wie der Nachtigallen Schall in des Geliebten Seelengarten, so lodert meine Flamme auf, und dichtet einzigst … Continue reading

Presentation: Deserts and Mountains

A short presentation on some of the themes explored in Deserts and Mountains, a novel by Yilmaz Alimoglu. The story follows one man’s transformative journey through the past, during which he gains a deeper understanding of the present. Ali Dogan is a man in search of identity in a world where none is given, a … Continue reading

Embracing Greek Culture

“As a Turkish writer, you have positively embraced the Greek culture. Personally, I found the section describing Ali and Nour’s ascent to the Acropolis, not so much challenging on a literal level, but impressive on a figurative level. The imagery that is used to juxtapose a “white” world and also the colored world these two … Continue reading

Welcome to My Blog Exploring the Heart

Welcome ! I grew up in a small village in Turkey as one of several children of a peasant family who lived a very humble existence. I began reading Sufi literature at a young age and was fortunate to have received a prestigious science scholarship at the age of eleven, which set me on a … Continue reading